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Please download and review these documents as they will be helpful in your experience(s) in Tampa: UNC.

A   P L A Y E R ' S   G U I D E   T O   O W b N  

In the late 1990's a small group of vampire LARP (Live Action Role-Play) troupe games spread mostly across the Midwest of the United States decided to open their games to the players and concepts from other games. Players created PCs in their home games (or chronicles), but were able to take those PC's to other games, along with their collected knowledge, skills, and abilities to influence, interact and develop a more realistic world experience than a single troupe game could provide. To read more, download this document!

A Player's Guide to OWbN

H O U S E   R U L E S

The Tampa game may seem to have a lot of house rules. However, on further inspection, this document is so large because it explains how we will make the call for almost every tricky situation that game-staffs have to normally address while running a game. We have tried to only clarify rules that we see as not-clear-enough. We have tried not to add rules to an already over-complicated system!

Tampa House Rules

T E R R I T O R Y   S Y S T E M

Tampa's Feeding System is somewhat revolutionary compared to most games. The feeding system is territory-based, with Kindred using influence to gain blood from territories easily. The system is in place to take advantage of the aspect of Vampire genre that focuses on blood as a resource to be attacked and protected.

Territory-Based Feeding System

I N F L U E N C E   M A N I F E S T O

The Tampa game takes pride in its influence system. Vampire genre thrives on the fact that, at any one time, a Kindred may control various mortals through subtle manipulation, blackmail, veiled threats, or a countless many other ways. However you gain it, influence can be a very enjoying part of the game. This packet seeks to help the average player better understand influence, as well as explains how it works. This packet is best understood when it is read in conjunction with Dark Epics.

Influence Manifesto

C H A R A C T E R   S H E E T S

Looking to make a character in the Tampa: Under Night's Cloak game? Well, here is where you can get a character sheet. This sheet is optimized for the new player, with Traits (Physical/Ment/Social) moved to the, now expanded, abilities section. There is easy boxes for filling in specializations, and plenty of space for all of the backgrounds you would like. The sheet is mainly for beginning characters, but if you like it, use it!

Vampire: The Masquerade Character Sheet (Tampa).PDF

Vampire: The Masquerade Character Sheet (Bradenton).PDF

A L L O W E D   F O R   G A M E P L A Y

Want to know what you can come to the game and play without any kind of added OWbN bureaucracy? Well, you can check the Allowed for Game-Play listing that shows you quickly what you can start playing today. Though the range of conceps is not limited to what is on this list, this is the easiest method for a new player to understand what we consider "normal."

OWbN Allowed-for-Gameplay List

A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T   I C

Need to figure out who your character was Acknowledged by? Here's how to find out. You can choose any Prince who is highlighted in green on this spreadsheet. Any other Prince will need the approval of the appropriate Coordinator or game listed in the sheet.

OWbN Princes (Google Spreadsheet)