Here, you can find files to help ease your game-administration duties by making Grapevine more efficient, and more in-line with the various OWbN Documents.

Please review these instructions and feel free to send any questions or feedback to the staff of Tampa: UNC.

S T E P   1  

Download and Install Grapevine

The website where you can download grapevine is below:

Click Here to Download Grapevine

Just click the "Download Grapevine" link that is under the heading of "New Users." From there, just unzip and double-click the EXE to run Grapevine's Setup, and just follow the on-screen steps.

S T E P   2  

Navigate to the Installation Folder

Once you've installed the program, navigate to the installation folder. If you've left it as default, it will be something like: C:\Program Files\Grapevine, but if you installed it on a 64-bit system, it would be in Program Files(x86) instead. This is the folder where your new menus will go.

S T E P   3  

Replace Your Grapevine Menu File

Next, go back up to the original Grapevine Menu file located in the Installation folder (that you've navigated to in the above step). In the installation folder, you will see a file named: Grapevine Menus.gvm. This file is a collection of menu items - all of the things that you pick from when you add anything to a character sheet.

The GVM below (which you should right-click and Save As in order to replace the "stock" file) includes many powers and categories that exist in OWbN but were missing from the original (or "stock") Grapevine menus. For example, Dur-An-Ki Sorcery for Assamites and Akhu for Setites have been added.

Tampa's Customized Grapevine Menus (ZIPPED)

S T E P   4  

Replace Your Stock RTF Templates

Templates control what the result looks like when you use Grapevine to produce any kind of output, whether that output is a Vampire Character sheet, a sign-in sheet for the game (listing of characters and XP), or a report on which characters have what merits and flaws. We have included several of our customized RTF templates to replace the "stock" ones that come with Grapevine. These replacements are specifically optimized for viewing on mobile devices (like iPhone or Android).

Just unzip this file and copy its contents into the RTF folder located at C:\Program Files\Grapevine\Templates\RTF, replacing the files that are there. I highly recommend backing up the contents of the folder before you start modifying and replacing things.

Tampa's Customized Grapevine Templates

L E A R N   T O   U S E

Review these Tutorials to learn how to better utilize Grapevine.

Tampa's Customized Grapevine Templates

Tutorial 1: Menu Customization

Tutorial 2: Searching & Data Mining

Tutorial 3a: Plots, Actions, & Rumors (Part 1)

Tutorial 3b: Plots, Actions, & Rumors (Part 2)