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The link below is the Tampa_Elysium Yahoo Group. This link will direct you to a page where you may sign up for the Tampa_Elysium Yahoo Group. The group is a means of In-Character (IC) information distribution between the residents of Tampa and Tampa's surrounding areas.

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The link below is the Tampa_Elysium Tampa_ElysiumOOC Yahoo Group. This board is used mainly for Out of Character (OOC) conversations and the distribution of information about the game by the staff.

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S H E  W A L K S  I N  B E A U T Y . . .  L I K E  T H E  N I G H T . . .

Welcome to Tampa: Under Night's Cloak...

Tampa: Under Night's Cloak is a mixed-genre Live Action Role Playing game, mainly Vamipre the Masquerade (3rd Ed.), set against a World of Darkness. We, the staff, believe in supporting a game environment that fosters stories of political intrigue, gothic-horror, mystery, and adventure (along with a little action along the way) while at the same time striving to create an air of positivity throughout the OWbN gaming community, and in our area.

If you are new to LARP, or just haven't checked out the Tampa game in a while, we urge you to come out and immerse yourself in our world... the World of Darkness.

F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S  

1. To clarify, this a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP, not Vampire: The Requiem, correct? Where can I get a copy of the book?

Yes, this is Vampire the Masquerade, Live Action. The rule set we use is the 2nd Ed. (Revised) Mind's Eye Theatre: Laws of the Night WW5013. Though the book is out of print, it is still available for download from sites like DriveThruRPG.

The following link will show a picture of what the book looks like: DriveThruRPG

2. What time should we show up in order to make characters? Where can I get a character sheet?

The storyteller(s) usually are at game-site and available between 7:30 and 8 PM... so just show up about that time, or anytime after that should be fine. The earlier you show though, the more storyteller time you will get because game usually kicks off around 8-ish PM. A storyteller will have character sheets available, and they are also available to download from the Files section of our Out-of-Character YahooGroup: Tampa_ElysiumOOC{at}yahoogroups.com

3. What are the character creation rules for someone new coming in? What is the standard Generation cap? Lastly, do I stay with standard Character gen rules from the book, or do I get more/less points, etc?

Character generation is right out of the book, and the storytelling staff can award you up to a 30-60 XP kicker for a good starting background story... so try to write something up to let the game-staff know about your character, who he is, how he got to the city, etc. You have to have this in by your third game, so you have a little time to figure the world out before writing it all. Our organization (One World by Night) allows generations between 8 and 14. Generally speaking, when coming into game, you are allowed to take 10th Generation without any extra effort. If you have a concept and background for an Elder or Ancillae concept (8-9th) the staff may be willing to work with you depending on the generation-spread of the game and of the clan you are attempting to enter. Check with the staff about how generation is done for the particular clan you are trying to play.

4. The house rules available on the webpage seem rather daunting for someone who's starting the game to read in his spare time. Is there any way you could explain to me the rules someone just coming in would need to know, so I don't flub up before reading all of them?

The majority of our house rules are clarifications on how an Storyteller would call something if a question came up. The MET system that we play has more than a few vague rules, and all the companion books were not written by the same person/people, so contradictions abound, depending on the book you read.

The best way to learn the house rules, honestly, is to just play and learn as you go. If you have a basic understanding of how the game works (paper, rock, scissors to resolve challenges; how to retest a challenge; how to bid and use traits) you'll be fine.

5. I have never LARP-ed, so Diceless gaming seems a bit confusing to me. How can I learn the system without being a pain to the rest of the players and staff?

If you don't understand the system, the best way to learn would be to either be paired with a more powerful character (played by a responsible player) who can serve as an IC/OOC mentor until you get up and running, or to come in with a group so everyone can learn together.

6. Are there rules pertaining to distinctions between IC and OOC, dealing with people who are not part of the LARP, and rules against getting into that creepy territory where people call me in the middle of the night saying "there's a Blood Hunt on the Tremere Elder because he stole your lunch money" stuff. I have heard some horror stories about LARPing in the past.

Our disciplinary policy is actually pretty encompassing (the last page of the house rules). As for a general rundown though, we try not to scare the normal people (though we don't generally have a problem with people who are not in-game at the game site(s). Also, most people don't try to carry on with game when not at game. For those who do, the game offers several yahoogroups for IC interactions, and interactions via email are encouraged. We generally don't have those kind of problems with people who cannot draw the line between IC and OOC. White Wolf publishes at the beginning of each LARP book a set of rules, they are universally accepted throughout the org and always bear repeating. From MET: LotN:R, Pg 14:

  • No Touching. No Stunts.
  • No Weapons.
  • No Drugs or Drinking.
  • It's Only a Game.
  • Be Mindful of Others.
  • Do What Works for You.
  • Have Fun.

7. Do you think that anyone would have a problem with a character that can't talk, or who is secretly an infiltrator working for the other sect?

No problems as far as the staff are concerned, but I would encourage you to avoid concepts that make integrating into the game difficult. Remember, as a new player (especially coming in by yourself as opposed to with a group, or coterie in in-game terms) your challenge will be to become involved with the other players in the game so that you can get a fuller experience. Ultimately though, its your character to explore the World of Darkness with and to portray, so do what is fun for you. Live Action RP is definately the venue to explore character stories and development.

8. For background, I want to come in as a newly embraced Kindred, or maybe one who is moving in from another city for whatever reason. Is it possible that I could have some kind of tie-in with a character that is already in-game? This way, they could be used both as a resource for IC explanations of things that I don't know, and can help me out OOC, by helping "show me the ropes."

Yes, that would be a great way to bring you into game play quickly. Talk to your storyteller for the clan that you are looking at playing for help pairing you up with someone of your clan.

9. What is the current status of each Clan in the city? Is there anything I should know IC before coming into this?

That's a lot bigger question than I can answer since each clan has a ton of stuff going on. First, you would need to discuss the specific clan's current status with that clan's assigned Storyteller; this is something that you can do over email before you show up to game. Some games have a lot of one clan, and none of another, so the storyteller may offer you bonuses to playing a clan that the game needs.

A B O U T  T H E  A R E A

With a population of well over 300,000, the City of Tampa is the third largest city in the State of Florida. Tampa was the 57th most populated city in the United States during 2004. In addition, the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area was the largest populated Metropolitan Statistical area in 2004 (Hillsborough, Hernando, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties) within the State of Florida with 2,537,586 persons and was the 20th largest MSA in the United States.

As of 2000, the racial breakdown of the Tampa area was as follows: 0.4% American Indian, 2.2% Asian, 26.1% Black, 64.2% White, 4.2% Other. Included within these numbers, the city boasts a 19.3% Hispanic population. Of these people approximately 18% live in poverty. Violent and Non-Violent crime in the Tampa area is easily twice the numbers for the average in the State of Florida, and three times that of the National Average.